About company
Merkerson LIT imports granite aggregates from Sweden to Lithuania and Kaliningrad. The partners of the Merkerson LIT in Sweden are Schweden Splitt AB, the largest quarry of granite aggregates in Sweden, and Nybrogrus AB. Schweden Splitt is a subsidiary of the Basalt AG Group, the operations of which are based in Germany. Schweden Splitt AB produces some 1.5 million tonnes of granite aggregates per year. The local partners of the Merkerson Group are Lithuania‘s largest road builders and concrete producers.

Our basic specialty sales are first-class granite aggregates, which means Nordic test results of = 10% and Los Angeles test results of = 15%.

On the market we are known for our flexibility and top-quality customer service. We do not have a fixed price list for our customers, as prices are based on the speciality of objects and the capacity and size of